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High-Performance Database Engine

for Real-Time Analytics

Speeds up existing databases by 100x


Fits into existing databases and therefore their ecosystems. No training, code, or security modifications required.


Let our engine analyze your hardware and automatically optimize itself for maximum performance.

Cost Savings

Better performance means less hardware is necessary to complete the same tasks, lowering cost and complexity.

MySQL/MariaDB Integration

Install DexterityDB on the popular MySQL/MariaDB/Percona platform to transform these transactional databases into analytical ones without sacrificing their ecosystems.


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DexterityDB is a document store at its core, which makes it a very good fit for MongoDB combining maximum performance with MongoDB's focus on ease of use.


Coming Soon!



We're always looking for feedback on which databases we should integrate into next. Drop us a message and let us know what you'd like to see next from our team.


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Analytics at Hyperspeed

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